Mission statement

We’ve got a simple goal; to provide a line of quality products to meet the needs of our consumers. We strive for consistency and aim to expand as we develop more unique products. We are two bright individuals looking to make the CBD market a safer and more diverse market. Our products range from delicious desserts and snacks to health care products with new ideas coming in the near future. 


Products Description

Macarons: Egg white, sugar and almond flour cookie, with

either a ganache or buttercream filling infused with natural and

pure CBD isolate


  • Cake Batter- A delicious sweet bite of crunchy cookie with
    a soft cake batter flavored buttercream. 

  • Cereal Flavor of the month- our twist on your favorite cereals.
    Outer cookie covered in crumbs of the cereal with creamy butter cream filling with pieces of cereal

  • Snickerdoodle- delicious bite of cinnamon cookie covered in cinnamon and sugar filled with a smooth cinnamon and sugar buttercream

  • Berry of the month- cookie flavored with the berry of the month, filled with berry buttercream and berry compote or berry curd center

  • Cookies and Cream- A classic cookies and cream cookie dipped in oreo cookie crumbs, with a creamy oreo flavored buttercream with bits of oreo cookie. 


Cookie Dough Bites: CBD Infused eggless cookie dough bites 


  • Chocolate chip- the perfect combination of flour, butter, sugar, and chocolate chips all dipped and covered in dark chocolate, sprinkled with a few pieces of salt.

  • Snickerdoodle- A yummy bite of cinnamon and sugar cookie dough covered in melted white chocolate.

  • Double Chocolate Chip- cocoa enriched cookie dough with dark chocolate chips and covered in a dark chocolate.

Gummies: sweet chewy gummy candies in various flavors infused with CBD


  • Mango- Delicious mango flavored gummy candy 

  • Blue Raspberry- The perfect combo of blueberry and raspberry flavoring 

  • Fruit Punch- Original fruit punch flavor